'Angle-Shoe' pivot hinges are for crisp interiors.

These simple pivot sets are for flush ‘invisible doors’ in crisp square-set plasterboard work. They are ideal for services closets in elegant commercial lift lobbies and foyers. They can also be used for low cost apartment interior doors in affordable housing.

Moly-Poly door advantages

  • Designed for doors in square-set plaster work
  • Eliminates traditional timber door frames
  • Eliminates architraves and other trim
  • No special trade skills required
  • No special tools required
  • Painting cost reduced to roller work
  • Eliminates nib studs for architraves
  • Crisp clean architectural aesthetics
  • Latch & lever can be eliminated with magnets
  • These budget pivots are ideal rescue hardware with double-acting doors, opening in and out, to assist frail aged persons in small toilet rooms.

Moly-Poly louvre pivot advantages

  • For simple vertical louvres to 40kg
  • No special tools required
  • No special skills required
  • Bronze copper alloy rivets for durability
  • Designed for affordable louvres
  • For louvres from 25mm to 45mm thick
  • For louvres 100 to 400 wide blades
  • Ideal for solar louvres & privacy screens
  • Molybdenum blend for weather resistance
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Plates & angles: Polyamide/molybdenum
Application: 35mm doors and panels
Maximum load: 35kg (500,00 cycle test)
Finish: Black
Rivet: Bronze (copper alloy)
Packed set: 2x pivots without screws
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Plates: Polyamide/molybdenum
Application: 35mm doors and panels
Maximum load: 35kg (500,00 cycle text)
Finish: Black
Rivet: Bronze (copper alloy)
Packed set: 2x pivots without screws


Nylon pivots Polyamide/molybdenum
Application 35mm doors and panels
Maximum load 35kg (500,00 cycle test)
Finish Black
Packed set 876mm aluminium transom(CA) 2xpivots + mag. catch + screws

How to install a pivot door in under 5 minutes - The TR35 Pivot Kit

How to install a pivot door in under 5 minutes. The Angle-Shoe TR35 pivot kit is the simple way to install doors. Big savings in low cost simplicity. No traditional door frame. No hinge knuckles. No joinery trim or architraves. Painting work is reduced to paint roller work. No special tools or skills are required. The design remains the property of Howard Styles Architect - Canberra Australia


The photograph on the left shows West facing louvres that were installed as bushfires approached Canberra in 2020. The timber framed windows to be protected were glazed with old fragile 3mm (1/8”) annealed window glass. Three electrical wiring trays were cut down to make the six galvanized louvres. PAL40 Nylon pivot hinges were used. There was limited fire science. As solar screens they were ideal during the heat of the 2020 summer. The louvres provided bright light inside and privacy from outside.


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Plates & angles Polyamide/molybdenum
Application Vertical timber louvres
Maximum Load 40kg
Finish Black (paintable)
Bushes Bronze (copper alloy)
Packed Set 2x pivots without screws
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Plates & angles Polyamide/molybdenum
Application Vertical timber louvres
Maximum Load 40kg
Finish Black (paintable)
Bushes Bronze (copper alloy)
Packed Set 2x pivots without screws

About Us

Angle-Shoe pivots were designed by Canberra Architect Howard Styles 2000.

‘Angle-shoe’ semi-concealed pivots are easy to fit.
‘Flat-Strap’ concealed pivots take a little more time to fit in flush doors.

1500 Aluminium Angle-Shoe pivot sets were installed in 2006 in the Foster & Partners UK ‘Lumiere’ Apartments at Town Hall Sydney. They were used for flush service closets and for coat & linen closets inside many apartments. The aluminium pivots are made by McCallum Hinges. Moly-Poly pivots are made of Nylon (polyamide/molybdenum blend). Molybdenum is a natural lubricant that increases UV weather resistance.

Moly-Poly Nylon pivots - maximum door weight 35kg. (70 pounds)
Moly-Poly Nylon louvre pivots - maximum weight 40kg. (80 pounds)
Top-Rail door pivot kits are simple & fast to install in accurately prepared openings.
A beach resort ‘Arabella at Boossa’, Sri Lanka has lots of ‘Flat-Strap’ pivots fitted to external timber plantation shutters.
Moly-Poly pivots have been installed in the Debate Chamber in Dallas. The hollow rivet stem is used as a conduit for vwires to CCTV cameras concealed on the inside of rotating timber panels for after-hours surveillance.
A builder in Cobargo NSW has a dozen sets for a pigeon coop.


The Nylon parts are made in Sydney, the bushes are made in Fyshwick with assembly, packaging and distribution in Canberra.


Designed in 2000 Angle-Shoe aluminium pivots were launched at DesignBuild Melbourne in 2004 after extensive testing and trade evaluation. The designer/inventor Howard Styles had been specializing in doors and hardware design since 1984 as the architect in charge of door and hardware documentation and detailing for the 7,500 doors in Australia’s new Parliament House. At that time flush (secret) door details were often requested but economical hardware could not be sourced from around the World. These pivots go to places like USA, Canada, UK, Belgium, Holland, Norway and to a cluster of tax havens in the West Indies. The pivots are gluten free but may contain traces of nuts.


The original aluminium Angle-Shoe & Flat-Strap pivots for 50kg (100 pounds) doors are no longer made by Angle-Shoe but are available from McCallum Hinges Sydney – Phone 61 +2 9698 5111.

The aluminium ‘Angle-Shoe’ AS35 pivots are now called McCallum No. P435
The aluminium ‘Flat-Strap’ FS35 pivots are now called McCallum No. P436
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McCallum P435 Angle-Shoe

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McCallum P436 Flat-Strap

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The ‘Mighty Boy’ for significant haulage duties.



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    Necessity is the mother of invention but time to perfect and test every invention is vital before launching any product.  There are several attributes of the Angle-Shoe pivot design that not only ensure they are quality architectural hardware products but they also have multiple applications. They are also affordable and easily understandable for traditional tradesfolk adopting new skills. The original aluminium Angle-Shoe pivots had a steel rivet running in self-lubricating nylon bushes. The latest Nylon Version has now eliminated the aluminium. A new headless bronze rivet design simplifies installation.

    These pivots can be used for all internal doors in houses, apartments and built-to-rent flats. The facility to eliminate both traditional door frames and architraves provides substantial savings for builders. There are also significant savings in the painting trade. They are ideal for doors to bedrooms, bathrooms, wardrobes and closets and the like. The ‘Flat-Strap’ pivots are fully concealed and the ‘Angle-Shoe’ pivots are semi-concealed. They are the perfect solution for interior designers chasing crisp architectural details without the crisp architectural detailing costs.

    There are many situations where hinged traditional doors with exposed knuckles, secured by a latch and handle, are not the best option. Doors to small toilet rooms need to open both in and out to assist and/or rescue disabled and vulnerable frail aged folk in retirement villages. Most available rescue hardware used in aged care facilities and hospitals is both expensive to buy and costly to install.

    Pivots are attached to the top and bottom of doors with the axial load carried on the floor of the door opening. Both the top and bottom pivots are the same and are non-handed. They are simple centre-line pivots designed for the most commonly available 35mm (1 3/8”) thick domestic doors to 35kg (70 lbs). Magical rare earth magnets can replace the function of traditional latch bolts and door handles. It’s a low cost silent way to close and hold doors in the closed position.

    The original pivot design emerged searching for tidy economical hardware to service hatches for pipes tubes and wires in big buildings where door frames and architraves just seemed a waste of time and materials. Plaster trade accessories make ‘square setting’ easy to the perimeter of the door opening and has the same aesthetic appeal as flush skirtings and square set cornice details in crisp contemporary architecture.

    At Angle-Shoe Pivots, all pivot door hardware, previously manufactured from aluminium, is now produced using Polyamide + Molybdenum (MolyPoly), a nylon material with outstanding properties to cope with the wear and tear that door hinges are expected to endure.  Extremely tough and with great impact strength, MolyPoly is also remarkably wear resistant with self-lubricating properties that keeps friction to an absolute minimum.

    In addition to the range of pivot hinges, Angle-Shoe Pivots also has a selection of Angle-Shoe and Flat-Strap pivots for louvres. These can accommodate simple, vertical wooden louvres with a weight of up to 40 kg (80 lbs). The louvre pivots offer the same excellent characteristics as the door pivots. With no special skills required to install, and durable, louvres can be a simple yet effective solution for keeping the sun or prying eyes from your windows.

    Based in Canberra, Angle-Shoe Pivots is proud to say that the original concept, design and production of these products is 100% Australian and still under the ownership of the original inventor, Howard Styles. With a growing demand for pivot doors and with stock available at affordable prices from Angle-Shoe Pivots, orders are coming in from around the world.

    At Angle-Shoe Pivots, we understand your needs and appreciate that sometimes you need something radically different. As such, we have designed one of the most specialised innovative ranges of pivot hinges. Unlike most pivot hinges, Angle-Shoe pivots are for light interior doors. Rigorous life cycle testing has been undertaken on test doors to 35kg and to 500,000 cycles. Product development work has been tweaked to ensure that they are the best and most affordable products on the market. All of our pivot door hardware has multiple applications and often provide a simple easy solution to aesthetic design problems.

    There are several designs, fully concealed, semi-concealed and an easy-fix option complete with a tiny transom.  All pivots can be double-acting, opening both in and out.  The top and bottom pivot hinges are similar and non-handed and simple geometry makes installation easy, unlike most other pivot hardware. They are manufactured from the best engineered high-quality durable materials. They are ideal for all light internal domestic and apartment interior doors to bedrooms, bathrooms, and the like. They also provide an economic solution for all wardrobe and closet enclosure doors where nib-studs and posts between double doors can be eliminated.  The original design concept provided an easy and cost-effective way to hang doors in square-set plaster door openings for professional trades people. The square-set door opening can be prepared by the plaster trade. Angle-Shoe pivots are also suitable for those into DIY work.  Crisp architectural details are a bonus. There are big savings in the painting trade with square set plaster work.

    The plates and angle parts are made of injection moulded, self-lubricating Nylon with a unique head-less bronze rivets. All pivot hinges need to be robust to withstand normal day-to-day use. Our top and bottom door hinges can easily be fitted into existing door openings. Our team members have extensive ironmongery knowledge and will be able to offer you any advice and assistance required with sourcing associated hardware products and plaster accessories for square-set work.

    Angle-Shoe pivot door hinges, the brainchild of Howard Styles, offer a simple, effective and affordable alternative to traditional door hinges and are also available for use with external vertical louvres. There are two designs, the ‘Angle-Shoe’ and the ‘Flat-Strap’ these top and bottom pivot hinges provide several benefits compared with more traditional door hardware.  The Angle-Shoe pivot is the easier design of the two to fit, whilst the Flat-Strap design is completely concealed from view when the doors or louvres are closed.

    Affordably manufactured from an extremely durable, self-lubricating compound of polyamide plus molybdenum disulphide (Moly-Poly), these double acting pivots are remarkably simple to fit, requiring no specialist skill, experience or tools and are suitable for a wide range of applications creating ‘invisible’ doors eliminating the need for a traditional door frame, architraves and traditional door handles. They are ideal for two-way doors, opening both in and out, and can be used as rescue doors in aged care facilities. The doors can also be single acting with the addition of tiny stop beads.

    This pivot door hardware offers simple flexibility unmatched by knuckle hinges. Once installed painting, decorating and maintenance of your flush fitting doors becomes both faster and cheaper, without architraves around the door frame which requires experienced trade skills to paint properly. They are also ideal for all internal doors in apartment projects for bedrooms, bathrooms, wardrobes and closets.

    The ultra-simple pivot design is non-handed and universal for all door geometry configurations. Furthermore, these pivot sets are suitable for use on standard 35mm wooden doors to 35kg, whether interior or exterior, as they are able to comfortably withstand extremes of temperature and climate, hence their use on external vertical louvres able to carry a central axial load of up to 40 kg.

    Born out of a long search for a simple elegant way to install discrete access doors to service enclosures for pipes and wiring in large buildings, the amazing Angle-Shoe pivot hinge is now widely used in a variety of different applications. The ultra-simple design is primarily for internal doors (up to 35kg). The latest version of the pivot hinge is affordable hardware for flush doors which can be installed in plasterboard walls without the costly traditional timber joinery trim around the door opening providing a subtle alternative to time consuming expert trade work. The installed pivot doors can be secured in the closed position with subtle locks, where required, or they can also be secured with a pair of rare earth magnets for ready access to fire extinguishers and similar emergency equipment. In the residential setting they are also ideal for wardrobes and other built-in closets. Traditional door handles can be eliminated too. All that is required is a small flush or recessed finger pull.

    Sometimes referred to as secret doors, these types of doors come with other significant benefits too. The non-handed, universal nature of Angle-Shoe pivots facilitates the opening of the door in both directions (in and out) and has proven to be extremely useful where there is a need to rescue vulnerable people from small toilet enclosures in aged care, hospital and early learning centres.

    The Angle-Shoe Top Rail Pivot in the informative video can be fitted to a prepared door literally in a few minutes and without the need for specialist knowledge or tools. it is a task the average handyman with a basic toolbox would have little trouble completing. Once installed, the pivot hinges will give a lifetime of trouble-free service – no maintenance is required and the pivots sets have been tested to 500,000 cycles with no compromise in performance.

    Proudly made in Australia, Angle-Shoe products are despatched worldwide.